Repairs And Refurbishing

Looking to repair your gear, or give your equipment a makeover? AT Percussion can make your ideas a reality. Plenty of wraps, hardware, custom hardware powder coating and options to choose from to make your drums personalized to your taste! Check out the gallery below for some ideas, these are just some options available. If there is something you don’t see, let me know what you’re  looking for, there is plenty more!


Head Art

Get a new look for your drums and your band! AT Percussion offers head art right from the design stage to delivery. Start getting your ideas together, and let’s start talking! All heads are printed inside the film on REMO drumheads pre production, NO STICKERS HERE!!!


Tuning and Maintenance

Spruce up your sound!!!  If you are having trouble achieving a sound you enjoy AT Percussion can help. Changing heads, snares, dampening, lubrication done right to protect your investment and give you a premium sound. Don’t settle for good enough!!!



AT Percussion can offer you or your band a customized learning experience. If you are looking to boost your skills or have a group learning session with your band, you can find it here! Let’s discuss your goals and see how AT Percussion can help!


Score Composition

Did the pipers pick some weird tunes again that leaves you stuck for a score? Or maybe you just want to try something different? AT Percussion can help. Get a score tailored to your music that matches the setting, phrasing and skill level of you or your band! This service goes great with group instruction as well. Scores are delivered typeset along with top quality recordings so there is no guessing!


Let’s start talking today! Contact AT Percussion Now!!!